About me

Hi, my name is Lucas Vieites Fariña, and I have been working in the IT sphere for a substantial amount of years. In my current role I am applying the knowledge I have acquired in this time to educate a new generation of geeks.

My main fields of work have been Website Development, Linux System Administration, Cloud Application Support, and Software Translation. Right now I am the active maintainer of the Spanish translations of Inkscape, Geany, and the Java Tutorials (a work in progress), as well as other minor Free/Open Source software projects.

But you are here because you found my blog, and that’s a whole other story.

On this site I write about what I do when I’m not working, these are my hobbies and passions. My professional life is so full of abstract concepts that I have a physical need to create tangible objects that can bee seen and felt.

You will find articles about metal- and woodworking, as well as some designs and templates I have created for some of the projects. You are welcome to share all information, provided that you cite your source.

Thank you for visiting, and do come back once in a while. Perhaps there is some new content, you never know.