Making of… «The Hein»

I made this knife for a long time friend who has been helping me very much since I moved back to the Netherlands. The blade’s shape is loosely based on Chris Reeve’s Nyala. It’s a short bushcraft knife, although my version is a lot thicker (approx. 6 mm) as the file I used for it was very large. This resulted in a rather heavy but well balanced full tang knife.

I started off by contouring the (already softened) file with an angle grinder and a belt sander to get the following shape.

The Hein, shaped file

As you can see I have also drilled the holes for the pins, these will be an additional fixation method to the epoxy glue I use to adhere the handle.

After filing away for several hours on both sides of the file I get to the point where I do a first fitting of the handle. In this case I am using olive wood from a kitchen cutting board.The Hein raw unsanded

Then I start sanding. I use 80, 120, 250 and 400 grit sandpaper before doing the heat treatment to harden the blade again and afterwards I continue with 600 and 1200 grit sandpaper to gradually obtain nice shiny finish. Here’s a close-up view of the knife. Notice the handle hasn’t been sanded yet, I go up to 600 grit sandpaper on the handle.

Final product close-up view

Another view after more sanding and applying a few coats of Danish oil:Final product another view

As this was a birthday present for my friend I decided to also make a nice box to put it in. Again, due to my “cheapo” nature, I decided to recycle some stuff I had laying around and get a wooden box from the euro store.img_20160305_173718

I shaped the foam from the inside of a cushion to fit the box and cut the contour of the knife and its sheath into it.img_20160305_181249

I wrapped the foam in a piece of black cloth with a nice texture and fitted it all into the wooden box. I had painted the box with a dark ebony tint and replaced the flimsy hinges with leather ones.img_20160308_184515

And voilà, all done. I made a matching leather sheath in a natural tone (I forgot to take pictures of the process, though 🙁 ).

Lucas Vieites

Lucas Vieites is a free software enthousiast. He works as an Application Support Engineer using technologies such as Linux, Javascript, Java, SQL, etc. to create and support IT solutions for real world problems. He has recently followed his parents' footsteps and has left Spain to settle in the Netherlands.

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  1. Hein Koster says:

    It is a fantastic gift and I carry the knife on the hip every barbeque and trip in the Forrest it’s a well balanced sharp and reliable knife!

    It’s as well balanced sharp and reliable as it’s maker!

    Thanks Uncle Lou

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