Comer y beber en Cambados y alrededores

Lucas Vieites

By day I help companies streamline their data performance on the server side (think Linux/MySQL/bash/python/Java). After work I make stuff out of other stuff; wood and steel becomes a knife, raw leather becomes a usable object, meat and charcoal becomes food...

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  1. Robert Henstridge says:

    Hey Lou, gracias por los tips. Cuando pase por ahi te doi un toque y saldamos las deudas con unos tapas y vi~nos. (Como se pone el gorro en la n?)

  2. Owen Reilly says:

    Hey Lucas, Rodrigo pointed me to your blog. I’ll be in Santiago right after GDCS. Maybe I can convince someone else and drop by for a beer. I’ll catch you by email.

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