Comer y beber en Cambados y alrededores

Lucas Vieites

Lucas Vieites is a free software enthousiast. He works as an Application Support Engineer using technologies such as Linux, Javascript, Java, SQL, etc. to create and support IT solutions for real world problems. He has recently followed his parents' footsteps and has left Spain to settle in the Netherlands.

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  1. Robert Henstridge says:

    Hey Lou, gracias por los tips. Cuando pase por ahi te doi un toque y saldamos las deudas con unos tapas y vi~nos. (Como se pone el gorro en la n?)

  2. Owen Reilly says:

    Hey Lucas, Rodrigo pointed me to your blog. I’ll be in Santiago right after GDCS. Maybe I can convince someone else and drop by for a beer. I’ll catch you by email.

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